Type of Ride

(E= Endurance, LD= Limited Distance, NE=Novice Endurance, CE= CTR Elevator, C= Competitive, NC= Novice CTR, RD= Recreational Distance)

Top of the Rock

Bill Wilson's Farm Henryville, IN

SAT: 50E, 25LD Note only one day this year!  

White River Summer

Timbers Edge Campground 4345 N. Warner Ave, Hesperia, MI

  Saturday 50/25 & Intro Endurance, Sunday 50/25 Endurance    

The Black Sheep Boogie -Must pre-Enter

Elkins Creek Horse Camp 223 Elkins Creek-Storms Creek Rd,, Pedro, OH

SAT: 50E, 25LD, 13 Intro Ride  SUN: 25LD, 13 Intro Ride Pre-entry is Required for this ride.      

Cracked OAATS Crunch

Salamonie Reservoir 9214 Lost Bridge Road W, Andrews, IN

SAT: 50E, 25LD, 15NE; SUN: 25LD, 15NE          

Detroit Horse Power

Kensington Metro Park 4570 Huron River Pkw, Milford, MI

  FRI: 50E, 25LD;   SAT: 50E, 25LD  

Abi-Khan+ Challenge Endurance Rides

Caesar Creek State Park 8570 OH-73, Waynesville, OH

SAT: 50 End, 30, LD, 14 Intro; SUN: 30 LD, 14 Intro DOWNLOAD RIDE FLYER Register Now

Summer Breeze Ride

Deam Lake State Park, Clark Forest Borden, IN

FRI: 50 End, 25 LD; SAT: 50 End, 25 LD

White River Fall & Labor Day

Little Manistee National Forest MI

  SAT: 55E, 25LD, Intro Ride, SUN: 100E, 50E, 25LD, MON: 50E, 25LD    

The Iron Horse 100

Elkins Creek Horse Camp 223 Elkins Creek-Storms Creek Rd,, Pedro, OH

Friday 25/50; Saturday 25/50/75/100  The 75 mile riders can elevate to the 100 if desired. DOWN LOAD RIDE FLYER Pre-entry is required for this ride. Entry will be posted in July so we have a better idea of CV-19 requirements