Type of Ride

(E= Endurance, LD= Limited Distance, NE=Novice Endurance, CE= CTR Elevator, C= Competitive, NC= Novice CTR, RD= Recreational Distance)


Salamonie Reservoir 9214 Lost Bridge Road W, Andrews, IN, United States

SUN: 50 E; 25 LD; 15 Intro, AND 24 Mile Equathon SUN: 25 LD; 15 Intro AND 15 Mile Equathon 2023 Event Flyer in PDF ON-Line Registration

Oak Leaf Run

Silver Creek Park 3900 134th Ave, Hamilton, MI, United States

SAT: 100E,75E, 50E, 30LD & 25LD, 14 Intro Rides on Saturday SUN: 30LD, 14NE Contact ride management for event details and confirm mileage offered!

Fort Valley Ride

Fort Valley, VA Fort Valley, VA

Friday: 50 EN; 30 LD  - Saturday:  50 EN; 30 LD, 15 Mile Intro on Saturday

Spook Run DBDR Rides

Bill Wilson's Farm Henryville, IN, United States

FRI; 50 E, 25LD, Intro; SAT: 50 E, 25 LD