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Calendar of Ride & Events

The rides listed below in black have been confirmed and are sanctioned.  Events in green are just for planning purposes. Events in gray are past events, but have not been confirmed for this year. Flyers will be added as they are received by ride managers.  For available flyers click on the words "Ride Flyer" at the end of each ride listing. Please contact ride management to verify distances offered at each event as distances can be added or removed after the publication on the website.

OAATS Entry Form (may be used for most OAATS rides!)

2015 Events -

  • 4/17 & 18 BAREFOOT DERBY, Catoosa Ridge, Crossville, TN;  FRI: 25LD, 50E, 75E; SAT: 25LD, 50E. Aubree Becker, 931-249-9717, aubreebecker@hotmail.com

     4/18 & 19 BRIGHTON SPRING, Brighton State Rec Area, Howell, MI;  SAT: 35C, Day 1 of 50 Mile Elevator (25C); SUN: Day 2 of 50 Mile Elevator (25C). pre-ride entry required, Lisa Germann, 734-439-5616, lgermann08@comcast.net

    5/2 & 3 WHITE RIVER SPRING, Little Manistee Nat’l Forest, MI, SAT & SUN: 50E, 30LD; Pete Wierengo, 231-854-0092, tecllc04@aol.com, or Kari Hanes, 231-924-2271, montaleearabians@gmail.com; Ride Flyer

    5/15 & 16 INDY 25/50, Hoosier National Forest, New Campground, IN;  FRI: 50E,25LD; SAT: 50E, 25LD, 15NE. Patricia Bullock 502-432-2776 christal3@bellsouth.net

    5/29 & 30 TOP OF THE ROCK, Clark State Forest, Henryville, IN; FRI & SAT: 50E, 25LD.  Lois McAfee, 812-725-3211, loisjmcafee@yahoo.com

    6/13 & 14 WHITE RIVER SUMMER, see 5/3 WHITE RIVER SPRING for details.

    6/27 & 28 BLACK SHEEP BOOGIE, Wayne National Forest, Pedro, OH; SAT & SUN: 50E, 25LD, 12EN, SAT: Region 14 Endurance Mollie Smith, 513-315-5907 mkrumlaw@webcincy.com Ride Flyer

    7/11 & 12 CELEBRATION, Cuyahoga Valley NP, Howe Meadow, Cuyahoga Falls, OH; SAT: 25/50EC, 15N; SUN: 25C, 15NC, 15RD. Pat Vance 330-836-9358 Competitiveride@aol.com Ride Flyer

    7/14 thru 19 NAJYRC, Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY.  See USEF.org for events and details

    7/25 & 26 SALAMONIE STOMP, Salamonie Reservoir, Andrews, IN, SAT:  50E, 25LD, 15NE;  SUN: 50E, 25LD, 15NE. Maureen Fehrs, DVM, mfehrs@aol.com, 219-879-1964 Ride Flyer Ride Cancelled due to flooding!  Ride will be rescheduled for the fall!

    7/31 KENTUCKY MOONSHINE, "Night Ride" Shaker Village, Harrodsburg, KY;  FRI: 50E, 25LD. Jim Rogan, 819-236-8121 jrogan@bellsouth.net

    8/1 RIDE BETWEEN THE RIVERS, Elkins, WV, SAT:  50E, 30LD, 15NE Jennifer Poling, jpoling@wdgwv.org 304-457-1550

    NEW RIDE!!!  8/22 HURON RIVER RIDE,  See attached PDF or the AERC web site for more information.  Not far from Toledo OH.  Contact Rusty@endurance.net Ride Info

    8/2 to 8/8 SHORE TO SHORE RIDES, These rides are going of for 2015 but under a new format and ride management, please see the AERC site for information!!!

    8/29 & 30 ABI-KHAN+ CHALLENGE, Caesar Creek SP, Waynesville, OH;  SAT: 25/50 EC, 15RD; SUN:  25CE, 15RD, 15NC; Mickie Newnam 937-232-9256  akela83@att.net Ride Flyer

    9/5-7 WHITE RIVER FALL & LABOR DAY, SAT: 55E, 30LD, SUN: 100E, 50E, 30LD, MON:  50E, 30LD. see 5/3 White River for contact details

    9/26 & 27 CRACKED OAATS CRUNCH, Salamonie Reservoir, Andrews, IN, SAT:  50E, 25LD, 15NE;  SUN: 50E, 25LD, 15NE. Mollie Krumlaw-Smith  mkrumlaw@webcincy.com Ride Flyer ***Note Location Change!!!!!

    10/10 & 11 OAK LEAF RUN, Silver Creek Park, Hamilton, MI; SAT: 50E, 30LD, 30/60CE, 15NE, 15NC, SUN: 30LD, 30CE.  Barb Kurti 616-896-6798 silverheartsfarm@yahoo.com

    10/31 & 11/1 SPOOK RUN, Clark SF, Bill Wilson’s, Henryville, IN; FRI: 50E, 25LD; SAT: 50E, 25LD. Lois McAfee, 812 294-1776 loisjmcafee@yahoo.com

    11/7 2015 OAATS FALL BOARD MEETING, Best Western, Columbus, Ohio

    11/20 GOBBLE TIL' YOU WOBBLE, Wayne National Forest, Pedro, OH; SAT: 50E, 25LD Mollie Smith, 513-315-5907 mkrumlaw@webcincy.com  This ride will be limited to the first 75 entries!!!  Ride Flyer

    2/7/2015 2014-AWARDS BANQUET To be held at Shannon's Mother's home near Dayton.  More info as we have it available. Banquet Flyer